One of the major challenges of smoking pork is that the well-known applications tend to take time. In the case of ribs or shoulder, it’s time on the grill; bacon, it’s a week in a brine. So I share an approach which I successfully created yesterday. Because of the title, […]

Peach-Smoked Pork Chops

As I’ve mentioned, the in-laws gave me a big pile of wood chips for Christmas: three kinds of which I’d never used before, and one (apple) that I had, but wasn’t sure about. Faced with twenty-plus pounds of wood filling up my closet, I decided that I needed to try […]

Night Barbecue

Remember how I said that Mike Mills’ book talked about techniques, and how you can apply them? Well, I did just that, using a recipe from one of Auntie Pasto’s favorite books, Beyond the Great Wall (by Alford and Duguid). Specifically, the recipe on page 252: “Dai Grilled Chicken”. Apparently, […]

Dai Smoked Chicken

At least for the foreseeable future, my barbecue posts will probably reference Mike Mills’ book, Peace, Love, and Barbecue; and generally without using any of his recipes directly. That’s because the book’s strength is its cooking tips: Mike spends many pages discussing barbecue techniques, and the recipes are simply examples. […]

Barbecue Chicken Thighs

Uncle Pasto (that’s me) now has an account. Auntie Pasto will still be doing most of the publishing, but she’s given me clearance to post my better barbecue recipes. First in the queue is my recipe for chicken thighs, which should go up sometime during the four-day weekend.