CSA Adventures

September 16's CSA
This is our last CSA box … at least until we decide we’re not getting enough veggies out of the yard. Somehow I suspect that’s going to be a while. I promptly snitched the leeks and added them to a cheese-and-vegetable pie which was our dinner last night. I got […]

Our last CSA box

August 5 CSA
Hey, so I’m actually making a CSA post on the day I got the box. Woo! Haven’t made any serious plans about what to do with it yet, but I’m likely going to try to sweet-talk Kristina out of most of the tomatoes. Why? Because I’ve already got about 3 […]

CSA Aug. 5

July 13 2010 Harvest
It would probably make more sense to do my CSA posts on the day when I actually get the box. Unfortunately, that day is also RPG night, so I’m usually pretty busy, and then don’t get to it over the weekend. Sorry ’bout that! Here’s the CSA box for this […]

This week’s CSA

Bread-and-Butter Zucchini
This week’s box contained the following: Kristina got the chard and beets and some of the rest of the other food. We used the oranges, carrots, and radishes as part of the 4th of July party — orange wedges and a veggie tray that also included cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and […]

What I did with my CSA box this week