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Thanks to To Market, To Market with San Diego Foodstuff, I recently found out about Olivewood Gardens, a fantastic non-profit down in National City, California. Their website’s still under construction — pardon the dust! You can also track them on Facebook. It sounded like a fabulous opportunity to work in […]

Volunteering: Olivewood Gardens

A pretty -- and tasty -- lunch
So I made this lunch last week, and observed to some friends that it was the prettiest throw-together lunch I’d made in some time. Pics were demanded … only by then, I had devoured it. The lunch is pretty simple. Sticky rice. Tamagoyaki (I use Maki’s recipe, but I put […]

Tasty Lunch: Pics Were Demanded

Rosemary Buttermilk Scones
I make extensive use of my library system. Mostly, this is because if I bought every book I wanted to read, my house would be overflowing with books and I'd be broke! This week's library food-related selections are: * Farm To Fork, Emeril Lagasse * Why Italians Love to Talk About Food, Elena Kostioukovitch * The Art of Eating In, Cathy Erway, of Not Eating Out in New York This wasn't initially supposed to be a book review post, but what the heck. Quickie reviews. .... Now, on the subject of those scones. I had buttermilk in the fridge and an intense desire to bake last night, so ...

Current Reading and Rosemary-Buttermilk Scones

Remember how I said that Mike Mills’ book talked about techniques, and how you can apply them? Well, I did just that, using a recipe from one of Auntie Pasto’s favorite books, Beyond the Great Wall (by Alford and Duguid). Specifically, the recipe on page 252: “Dai Grilled Chicken”. Apparently, […]

Dai Smoked Chicken