Charcutepalooza: Documenting for the sake of documenting

February 17, 2011
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I’m working on the brine for March’s Charcutepalooza challenge. The basic challenge is a brined whole chicken or pork chops, the advanced one is a corned beef brisket. Right now we’re sufficiently meat-ed out, so I’m opting for a basic-and-a-half challenge, and brining a duck. (Yes, this is the one I was originally going to […]


February Charcutepalooza: Bacon

February 15, 2011

So a few weeks ago, I came back from TipTop Meats in Carlsbad with a nearly five-pound pork belly. Only I had no pink salt (that’s salt with nitrites, for you folks playing along at home). When it finally arrived, I had to defrost the pork belly. Then it had to cure in the bacon-curing […]