BASICS: Creamy Greens Soup

January 30, 2013

I am being overrun with greens from our CSA. It’s that time of year, it happens. Mark’s not so much a fan of greens as I am, so we end up with more than we can easily eat, sooner or later. What to do with a plethora of greens? Make soup! This recipe is easily […]


BASICS: Speedy “Baked” Apple

January 29, 2013

In the winter, I just don’t want to eat cold food. Coupled with the fact that I crave comfort food and I’m trying to cut down from the sugar insanity that is Christmas, it’s nice to have something semi-healthy to fall back on. Speedy “Baked” Apple (serves 1) 1 apple, cut into 8ths and cored […]


Curry Chicken Pasties

January 28, 2013

I really did honestly just throw these together out of what was in the house, so your version may not look like my version. That’s fine, it’ll be tasty, trust me. (: I would like these to have a bit more of a creamy filling, but they’re still pretty good just as they are. This […]


Super Easy Sourdough Piecrust

January 15, 2013

Pinning this up for me for later, also for you people, if there’s anyone still out there. (; Super Easy Sourdough Piecrust (I used this to make curry chicken pasties) 1 1/2 c. all-purpose flour 10 Tbsp. butter generous pinch salt 1 1/4 c. sourdough starter (you can use the leftovers from feeding your starter) […]