Turkey Liver Paté

November 25, 2014

Why waste a good thing? This takes almost no time to make, and it’s delicious and mild — tasty for those of us who like the stuff, and something to suggest trying for those people who think they really don’t like liver. Turkey Liver Paté 1 turkey liver, reserved from your holiday bird or whatever, […]


Completely Impromptu Krab Casserole

August 17, 2012

It’s been hot here. So hot. I haven’t been wanting to cook much, but dang it if I didn’t want to eat at home tonight, and I wanted warm food that wasn’t too heavy. Been eating out way too much lately. About 45 minutes after raiding the fridge for whatever was in it, I came […]


Improv: Harvest Breakfast

January 6, 2011

Out of a desire for breakfast that didn’t involve low-carb bread (Mark has trouble with his blood sugar in the mornings), and also out of a desire to try to work more veggies into my day, I concocted this dish last night, and made it this morning. This is a total winner — sweet from […]


Infinite Fudge Variations

December 8, 2010

Well, maybe not infinite … I haven’t figured out how to make pumpkin fudge with this recipe yet. And Alton Brown will tell you that technically, this is not a fudge, but a different kind of candy. He’s right. But it’s got the same consistency and creaminess with a lot less work and fuss, so that’s good enough for me. Especially because it is delicious. I make batches and batches and give it as gifts for the holidays.


Got cranberry sauce? Make muffins!

December 1, 2010

I love cranberry sauce, but Uncle Pasto, who is a supertaster, basically can’t eat more than a bite of it before declaring it “too sour”. He likes cranberry bread, though. So when I brought home two cups of the family cranberry sauce, I knew I’d have to do something with it, rather than just serve […]


I’m alive, really.

November 11, 2010

I know things have been kind of quiet around here. Sorry ’bout that! Springside is currently eating my life, as my buffer is a miniscule two weeks’ worth of comics. I ran up to the wire getting the script written and haven’t really recovered from it yet. I spent another day volunteering at Olivewood Gardens […]


4-P Pasta and Polenta Sauce

October 9, 2010

4-P: Pork, Pumpkin, Peppers, Pomodori — combine to make a tasty sauce for pasta or polenta. Or you can serve it by itself kind of like a chili. (Pomodori is Italian for tomatoes.) I totally made this up on the fly last night. Most measurements are approximate. I know you can figure it out. Looks […]


Sweet Peachy Business

July 22, 2010
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Along about yesterday, my good buddy Kristina came over with a big pile of white peaches from her yard. Kristina lives in Fallbrook, and she and her family have this fabulous yard full of citrus trees, avocados, and stone fruit. Every once in a while, she asks me if I want some. Do I ever?! […]


Saving the Green Tomato

July 22, 2010

I mentioned that my garden exploded. What I didn’t mention was the ugly batch of blossom-end rot that came along with it. /: It seems that especially the hybrid tomatoes are bearing so heavily that they can’t get enough calcium, even with supplementing and with plenty of water. My nursery guy suggested that I thin […]


Oh yeah, that zucchini salad

June 21, 2010

I did promise a post about that too, didn’t I? Last post for the night, and then I’ll be mostly caught up. (: Thanks for bearing with me! So like any crazy person who plants zucchini, we’ve already got plenty growing off of just one plant. And of course, there’s some in the CSA box. […]