Mesquite Sourdough Biscuits

October 28, 2014

Noticing a theme here? Yeah. Mesquite and sourdough seem to be safe companions for Mark, so I’ve started experimenting with them a bit further. I love to bake. … No, that’s not true, that’s an understatement. I adore baking, and since he’s diabetic, I don’t get to do it all that much. Any little recipe […]


Mesquite Sourdough Waffles

September 14, 2014

This particular recipe is safe for Mark — either one or two waffles, made in a standard waffle iron. Whatever it is about mesquite flour and sourdough, they work very well for his particular type of diabetes. Mesquite flour gives these waffles a naturally sweet, almost chocolatey taste without adding any sugar, and since mesquite […]


Mesquite Rolls

August 22, 2010

(Yes, I still owe you folks a Utah update. I’ve been writing it, I just haven’t finished it yet. It’s sitting in my Drafts folder. Only so many hours in the day.) It was finally, finally, FINALLY cool enough to bake tonight. Which is a good thing, ’cause we just ran out of hamburger and […]