Roasted Tomato Panini

May 12, 2011

No pictures. I know, I know. I ATE IT ALL, okay? ^_^ This is a great thing to do with leftover ricotta, which I often have, and then dither on what I should do with it. No dithering here! If you want to be luxurious, add a slice of prosciutto to each sandwich, or leftover […]


Beet Rösti

August 12, 2010

I promised the beet rösti recipe when I got around to making it. Well, I got around to making it. (: What is rösti, you wonder? It’s a Swiss version of what we’d consider hash browns, more or less. My chef-instructor taught us to make it in culinary school. Thank you, Chef Kurt! ‘Cause you […]


MISSION CRITICAL: Temple Garden Chowder

June 29, 2010

One of the downsides to taking a three-day vacation when you’ve got a CSA … OMG, what do you do with all the food when you get back? I’m glad it’s been June-Gloomy today, because this would NOT have been made in hot weather. But it successfully used up a whole pile of veggies I […]