After a winter of snow, melt, more snow, more melt, more snow, I was about climbing the walls wanting to grow something. Anything. Not a succulent. (I have one. They’re nice, but not especially Good Eats.)

I got a Sprout-model Aerogarden. I’ve done hydroponics before, but never inside, so I figured it’d be an inexpensive test of the system and how it all works. It’s been fairly smooth so far. I received it a little over a week ago, and as of yesterday, I have both basil and dill sprouts up. The parsley is supposed to take longer, so we’ll see when it comes up. I was not expecting the dill so soon, given the dates given in the planting guide.

The only minor hiccup was a quick brush with gray fuzz in the dill pod that looked like some sort of fungus. The folks over at Aerogarden assured me that that was beneficial fungus, and so far it seems to be. The dill looks happy and healthy.

I’m amazed at how fast the dill is growing. I could literally stand there and watch it grow. Nature is incredible.

I’m sure there will be more posts about how the Aerogarden works and how my yields are as things continue, so stick around!