The World’s Smallest Aerogarden has been busy!

Parsley, dill, and basil sprouts in aerogarden
Parsley sprouts after 13 days, dill and basil growing well.

It’s great to see some true leaves. It’s been about two weeks since I set up the aerogarden. It alerted me that it was in need of more plant food, but I will admit to being a bit skeptical given that there was virtually no water consumption, and the seeds have only just sprouted. I did feed it minimally, but will be keeping an eye on it.

Previous hydroponics setups I’ve used have required only a tablespoon or so of fertilizer every time the water got topped off, and those were much larger hydroponic tubs. For all I know, this fertilizer is less concentrated, but I don’t want to be overdoing it, either.

Outdoors, my thyme plant has just pushed out some tiny green leaves. Hooray! I need to move my mint pot back to the back yard, but that will be a project for Weekend Me. We are just about in planting season and I’m hoping to get cool-weather veggies in this weekend or next.