Harvest 9-10-10

From left to right: a mountain of basil, a bowl of onions, a mountain of lemon cucumbers, three zucchini and a patty pan squash, a couple of “Hottie” peppers,  a fairytale eggplant, a handful of green beans, a pile of 4th of July tomatoes, a few Rainbow Blend tomatoes (one’s green and will go on the counter), yellow pear cherry tomatoes, black pearl cherry tomatoes, a small handful of scarlet runner beans (some dry, some fresh), a couple of San Diego tomatoes, and a couple of Pineapple tomatoes.

OK, so I didn’t manage to pick stuff since Labor Day. This is about four day’s accumulation, and I haven’t picked strawberries or blueberries yet. I’ll probably do that tomorrow.

This doesn’t include bell peppers, and only a couple of the hot peppers. They store neatly on the plant until I need them while they’re green. Most of them are still green, so that’s convenient. Ditto on the white eggplants — I’ve got like five on the plants, but none of them need to be picked right this second.

I gotta figure out how to dry that basil, now. Or make pesto. Pronto.