September 16's CSA

This is our last CSA box … at least until we decide we’re not getting enough veggies out of the yard. Somehow I suspect that’s going to be a while.

I promptly snitched the leeks and added them to a cheese-and-vegetable pie which was our dinner last night. I got the idea from Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant, but it got totally rearranged to be gluten-free because Kristina was over — and then further rearranged because I was using veggies that I had, not the veggies that they called for. {: It was pretty good, I thought, but I continue to think that I like things spicier than the folks at Moosewood. If I make it again, the cheese sauce is getting kicked up a couple notches. Maybe a couple-dozen notches.

By the way, as a general rule of thumb, if you’re making a roux and you need it to be gluten-free, you can substitute rice flour for regular flour just fine. But be aware that rice flour tends to thicken more than wheat flour, so you may need to cut the amount of flour somewhat.

Aside from the leeks, we ended up with the carrots, zephyr squash (yum!) which I traded Kristina some of our home-grown zucchini for, half of the cantaloupe, the peaches, the apples (ooh, I need to make applesauce. Like, now), and the lettuce. I sent the herbs, tomatoes, and Swiss chard with Kristina. Also sent her home with strawberries. We’re still getting about a quart of strawberries every couple of days out of our front yard.

Not sure what I’m doing with yet, besides eating the lettuce and melon just plain, and making applesauce. Might eat the peaches plain too. Must plan for those carrots and squashes …