This morning, I ran across something in my inbox from one of the sites I read, that suggested envisioning your perfect day. It was actually a link to this article over at

And now I’m wondering if I’m doing it all wrong, again. Because my perfect day, right at this moment, involves three or four hours in my garden, about three or four hours in my kitchen, and about three or four hours with my family and friends. (Needless to say, my day does not look like that … ) What I really like to do is provide — provide things that make people happy. And what seems to make people most happy are the tasty things that I grow and cook.

There was a u-pick blueberry “orchard” for sale in Fallbrook last year, and we didn’t buy it because it’s too far away from Mark’s work, and neither of us were really sure about that kind of commitment. I know that I don’t want the kind of commitment a full farm requires; I’m not sure that my allergies could take it anyway. But I keep toying with the idea of an orchard, and I can’t tell if it’s a good idea, or just a pipe dream.