Picked this week: tomatoes (oh goodness so many tomatoes), zucchini, Italian roasting peppers, a few strawberries and raspberries, apples at Volcan Valley Apple Farm (full post coming later when I have time to sit down)

Preserved: bruschetta in a jar (Ball canning), kimchee kraut (The Joy of Pickling), apple liqueur

Traded: tomatoes for homemade bread, tomatoes for mason jars and lemon verbena, yet more tomatoes for butternut squash, pesto for figs

Repaired: drip line for sprinklers (the ends keep coming undone, I need to get more of the end turnback thingies)

Pulled: a dying zucchini plant, the Sweet 100s tomato plant (neither sweet nor 100s, unfortunately, guess it didn’t like it here)

Cooked: crockpot chicken and chorizo with red peppers (The Mediterranean Slow Cooker), ham and green onion quiche (BH&G), roasted eggplant Parmesan (my own recipe, but forgot to take a picture of the end result, d’oh!), lots of pesto (also my own recipe).