Sooooo, this is what I got in my CSA box this week:

CSA box contents for June 18

They call this a SMALL?

Uh, yeah.

Now, the blackberries have mostly all been eaten already. The last of them are baking in a cobbler in the oven right now, and the rest of them were eaten fresh. The snap peas and some of the carrots went to our family Father’s Day celebration as part of a veggie tray. (For the record, the dip for the veggies? Super-easy. Mix pesto with whipped cream cheese, taste and adjust as you see fit. Done!) The peaches got turned into sandwiches (yes, sandwiches!) tonight — I’ll post that recipe shortly.

So what do I have left? Spring mix (well, that’ll get eaten anyway, we like our salads around here), avocados (probably on the salads), carrots, leeks, kale, beets, and rutabagas. Oh, and lemons, but lemons are one of those things that just seem to disappear around here. (:

I’m the first to admit I have no clue what to do with rutabagas. My mom suggested putting them in stew, but it’s not really stew weather. So I’m planning on using one of them as part of a ravioli filling. That’s where the beets are going too. It’s a souped-up version of a recipe I found in La Cucina. The beet-and-rutabaga-stuffed ravioli will get a brown-butter sauce with frizzled leeks.

To be honest, we mostly eat beets as roesti; Uncle Pasto likes them that way. I’ll post a recipe for roesti the next time I make it, along with pictures. I’m branching out deliberately into the ravioli arena this week because much as I love the roesti recipe, it’s nice to have multiple ways to eat things. That particular meal is going to be lamb chops, ravioli, and salad. Here’s hoping the ravioli do well.

The kale’s going into a chicken sausage stew thing (yeah, I know I said it wasn’t stew weather) to be served on Thursday for my game group. Maybe I’ll sneak the rest of the rutabagas into that. Don’t tell anyone. Shh.

Carrots are carrots; they’ll get eaten for lunches. The zucchini … well, we already got enough from the yard that we haven’t touched that batch yet. I’m thinking about making marinated zucchini, but since I have leftover zucchini salad from this evening, it probably won’t get made for another few days. If I get overrun with zukes, I’ll possibly make pickles — I have some pickling salt and plastic jar lids for my Mason jars inbound.

That’s my plan for this week!