I didn’t realize when I finished watering the pots by hand on Thursday that I turned off the water at the tap instead of at the hose. Ooooops. /:

What this meant is that I got home to a slightly peaked-looking garden, and a bunch of my San Marzano tomatoes had gotten a case of blossom-end rot. Booooo. I had to toss about fifteen tomatoes. ): NOT happy.

We turned the water back on and everything looks perky today, but I’m keeping an eagle-eye on the tomatoes at this point. Can’t believe I did that … argh. I need some sort of mnemonic to remind me to leave the tap on and the hose turned off at the pipe splitter.

Also, we seem to have an infestation of common garden caterpillars. The black ones with the green-yellow racing stripes. You know what they like? Onions. Well, according to Wikipedia, they like “slender grasses”. M-hm. Well, this is why you want variation in your yard. We have no grass at all, since we ripped out the lawn several years back. I’d been planning on putting in a border of native grasses and spiky things along the back edge of the yard, but haven’t gotten to it yet.I can’t really plant anything new until fall, really, partially because the summer heat will probably kill anything we put in, and partially because we’re saving to get the fence replaced. I’ll just have to deal with the caterpillars for now. We have some cabbage loopers too, but not too many of those. I haven’t seen hornworms yet. *crosses fingers and hopes*

On the bright side, everything else looks good, and one of the watermelons is now the size of one of those bouncy balls. YES. (: And there is more zucchini and pattypan squash coming. The strawberries were totally unaffected by the water mishap, since they’re on the front-yard system, and I got nearly half a pound of those when we got back, *after* my folks came by and got some the day before!