This week’s box contained the following:

June 30 CSA

Kristina got the chard and beets and some of the rest of the other food.

We used the oranges, carrots, and radishes as part of the 4th of July party — orange wedges and a veggie tray that also included cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and cucumber. Veggie dip was a variant on the one I usually make — mix pesto with whipped cream cheese. I had cilantro in the fridge, so I made cilantro pesto.

I also used the kale for the party over the weekend, but it didn’t get eaten then because of the weirdness with the timing of the food. So we’ve been eating kale slaw (kale, raisins, pecans, and a buttermilk-mustard dressing) over the past few days. Kale is really sturdy — there’s essentially no difference from the first day I made the slaw until now. It’s not a bad way to eat kale, either.

The yellow squash got used as part of a pasta salad tonight. Pasta, ham, basil pesto, sauteed yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, green onions from the yard, and olives. Mmm.

The cabbage is slated for okonomiyaki tomorrow. (: MMMMM, I love that stuff. I should post the recipe for you guys when I get the chance. That reminds me … I need to work up a gluten-free flour mix for that …