For some reason, aphids love yard-long beans. No, I don’t know why. All I know is that my yard-long beans are covered with ’em. Yuk. A massive aphid-and-ant invasion. Guess the compost pile was no longer enough for the ants ….

If that weren’t enough, the quantity of honeydew the aphids are secreting is attracting gnats and flies. Eww. Something needed to be done.

So yesterday I went to Walter Andersen and got myself a tub of ladybugs, ’cause ladybugs eat aphids. (I first tried this at Home Depot and got laughed at by the woman in the garden department. Mrrrrr. ):< ) I followed all the directions very carefully — keep them in a cool place (but not in the fridge), release them at dusk, and mist the area before you release them so they have water to drink.

I’m pleased to say that many of them seem to have stayed and are chowing down on my aphids. There are even still largish clusters of them here and there. I will probably mist again to make sure they get enough water, because we don’t have any free water in the yard. (I really need a shallow fountain for bees and birds and ladybugs … ) I also spotted some ladybug larvae, which I’m thinking probably came from the ladybugs I saw in the yard ’round about last Sunday.

So here’s hoping that the natural predators do their job. (: Go ladybugs!