Really, I swear. There have been a lot of changes in my life, starting with: I no longer live in California. As of two months ago I became a resident of the amazing state of Colorado.

It’s been exciting but also nervewracking. Obviously I don’t need to talk about the pandemic, everyone and their brother has heard enough about that for the past three months. Right now we’ve got an apartment, and we should be closing on a house at the end of the month. Exciting!

The sum total of my garden now is one thyme plant, plus whatever basil I’ve brought home from the store and stuck in a glass. There will be more, but not immediately. We have a lot to work out with the new place before I can really get rolling. I do have plans to try out an Aerogarden at some point, for herbs and greens in winter.

It will be a smaller homestead for me overall; I’m planning to focus more intensively on growing the expensive and hard-to-get things. I’m also planning to put in more work on sewing and quilting and art, so some of that will pop up here. Rather than being a pure food or homesteading blog, I’m thinking it will probably be more me talking about whatever my current projects are.

I’ve changed out the blog’s sub-title — while the previous one was funny (well, to me, anyway), it’s a joke so old it’s saving for retirement. The new one is: happiness is homemade, which is a philosophy I’ve always been behind. It’s so satisfying to make your own things, and to receive something someone has handmade.

At some point I may delve into video. I haven’t quite had the nerve to do that yet. Mostly I’m not sure what I’d talk about, or how I’d manage flying around the kitchen and trying to stay on-camera, at least on my own. But file that away for ‘later’. Right now I just want to get back to posting regularly and sharing what I’ve been up to.

If anyone’s still out there listening, hello again, and welcome back. Looking forward to being around more often.