I’d been intending to spend the day doing a bunch of little odds and ends around the kitchen, and finish up with working on the site. I’d like to update the blog style and add some pictures and — well, you know, all that stuff that comes along with making a nice-looking blog.

Instead, I’m writing this in the sky above California. Nothing world-shattering or dangerous, just a last-minute emergency that required travel.

That said, I did get things done today. Before I ended up throwing clothes into a backpack, I made a double grocery run (Sprouts for some things, King Soopers for others — hoping to get started with a CSA soon), and set up a crockpot of stock. It’ll probably be my last one until fall, because even with Colorado’s cooler weather, I can’t forsee making a lot of things that need it for the next few months, but I keep having Strenuous Objections to paying for store-bought broth that doesn’t taste like much.

I’m all about eating as much of the food as I bring home or grow as possible. I didn’t get around to doing anything with the radish tops I brought back along with the radishes before we had to fly out the door. So that’s on the block for when I get back. Right now, I’m thinking radish green pesto. I don’t have quite enough to make radish green gazpacho, though that is an equally tasty way to do them. Radish tops are fuzzy, so they’re best served minced fine or cooked to wilt the fuzz.

By the time you read this, I probably will be back! I’ll post and let you know what I decided.