I lied. Never got around to those radish tops. Did make some fun things like paleo potstcker meatballs. I did mine with beef instead of pork, and coconut flour instead of tapioca. Worked great. We had them on salads, dressed with my usual potsticker sauce (sesame oil, soy sauce, tobanjiang, and either rice vinegar or lemon juice). Also turned them into open-face sandwiches on sourdough, wth tobanjiang mayo, homemade tonkatsu sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, and avocado. Delicious!

I spent a chunk of today working on our new yard. Lots of weeding – aspens try to pop up everywhere. Also dealt with the … um … “doggie fertilizer” left by the previous owners. Ick. Also cleaned out most of the veggie beds, though I still have some to do.

(Image temporarily removed, WordPress has blown its size out again. Sigh.)

I’m pretty sure that’s some kind of kale in that near bed, but the rule is you never eat anything you aren’t 100% on. So that’s going to go. The far bed has some sort of cane berries in it. I’m guessing raspberries, but I won’t know for another few months, if we get any at all this year. They weren’t pruned correctly, as far as I can tell.

I found little garlic chives lining the area behind the boxes, and mint in front. I’ll have to dig that out and get it into a pot, post-haste.

The veggie beds do not have a watering system. They do get some spill-over from the grass, but not enough. I need to acquire a hose and a watering can for now, and debate how to deal with them overall in the long run.

Can’t wait!