Mesquite Sourdough Waffles

This particular recipe is safe for Mark — either one or two waffles, made in a standard waffle iron. Whatever it is about mesquite flour and sourdough, they work very well for his particular type of diabetes. Mesquite flour gives these waffles a naturally sweet, almost chocolatey taste without adding any sugar, and since mesquite […]


Spicy Sand Dabs

I picked up a petite Bella deep-fryer over the weekend. It’s designed for 1-2 people, which frankly is perfect for me. I have a larger deep-fryer, but I simply don’t use it often enough — it’s large, it’s messy, and it’s difficult to clean, and I don’t want to leave that amount of oil stored […]

Chocolate Cake with Caramel-Chocolate-Pecan Filling

I would love to be able to credit this recipe, but it’s something my mom’s been making since I was a kid. I suspect it was originally an Eagle-branded recipe, given the sweetened condensed milk and caramels. I haven’t seen Eagle caramels in years. But no worries — you can make it with any kind […]


[Book Review] The Householder’s Guide To The Universe

I stumbled upon The Householder’s Guide to the Universe through a mention in Organic Gardening. (What can I say? I read a lot.) This book, by Harriet Fasenfest, is a dense combination of memoir and manifesto, dotted here and there with observations about the kitchen and garden month-by-month, recipes, and a few useful organizational tips. […]

Savory Oatmeal (Kalua Pig Version)

Uncle Pasto is a diabetic. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before. What this means: oatmeal with maple syrup or brown sugar in the morning is right out, no matter how much all the rest of us may think it’s delicious. I’m not a fan of having to cook separate meals for everyone (this is […]

Savory Oatmeal -- Kalua Pig Version


Quick Southwestern Potato Salad

Just jotting this down because I made it up tonight, and it ROCKED. You’re lucky there were leftovers, or there would be nooooo pictures to prove I made it. (; Quick Southwestern Potato Salad Serves 2-4 12 red creamer potatoes 1 large green onion, chopped 1/2 a small red bell pepper, chopped 1 clove garlic, […]

Super-Easy Pear Jam

I haven’t made jam since … eesh. Before Christmas. (That batch was quince. Ah, gorgeous quince, but that’s not today’s post!)  I’ve been busy and kinda run-down. Doing better, so I made jam today. How do you detect a perfectly ripe Bartlett pear? It should be a warm just-turned-yellow color with speckles, and deliciously fragrant. […]


BASICS: Creamy Greens Soup

I am being overrun with greens from our CSA. It’s that time of year, it happens. Mark’s not so much a fan of greens as I am, so we end up with more than we can easily eat, sooner or later. What to do with a plethora of greens? Make soup! This recipe is easily […]

BASICS: Speedy “Baked” Apple

In the winter, I just don’t want to eat cold food. Coupled with the fact that I crave comfort food and I’m trying to cut down from the sugar insanity that is Christmas, it’s nice to have something semi-healthy to fall back on. Speedy “Baked” Apple (serves 1) 1 apple, cut into 8ths and cored […]

Curry Chicken Pasties 1

I really did honestly just throw these together out of what was in the house, so your version may not look like my version. That’s fine, it’ll be tasty, trust me. (: I would like these to have a bit more of a creamy filling, but they’re still pretty good just as they are. This […]